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Post-op Instructions
Mass Removal / Mediport
1. Keep dressing clean, dry, and intact. You may remove when instructed by you physician. Cover with band-aid as long as draining. If you have steristrips DO NOT REMOVE THEM. They will work themselves off. If you have stitches do not bother them. They will either be removed in the office or dissolve on their own.
2. Leave dressing on, DO NOT REMOVE. Keep clean, dry, and intact.
3. Some bloody drainage is normal. If the operative area shows signs of excessive bleeding (Slow general oozing that saturates the dressing completely or frank bright red bleeding) apply pressure to area, elevate and contact your physician at once.
4. Observe the operative area for signs of infection. These signs would be increased pain, redness, foul odor, pus like drainage, or increased temperature over 100 degrees. If any of these symptoms are noted contact your physician at once.
5. You may bathe as instructed by your physician. Keep incisions away from direct water flow. Avoid standing water until return visit.
6. If you have not urinated in 8 hours after arriving home, contact your physician.
7. Regular diet (please note anesthesia precautions) or soft diet as directed by your physician.
8. Please contact your doctor immediately for
1. Temperature over 101 degrees
2. Persistent nausea and vomiting
3. Excessive bleeding
4. Signs of possible infection
5. Pain that is not controlled by prescription
6. Excessive swelling at surgical site

If you should experience difficulty in breathing, bleeding that you feel is excessive, persistent nausea or vomiting, any pain that is unusual, swelling or fever, please call your physician. If you find that you cannot contact your warrant a physician’s attention, go to the nearest Emergency Room.
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