Important News

Post-op Instructions
T & A
1. Rest at home for the first 24 hours. May be out of bed on 2nd day if temperature is less than 101 degrees.
2. No school, play nor work activity until after the 7th post-op day.
3. Things to expect:
A) Back of throat will be white and foamy.
B) Occasional night dreams
C) Possible ear pain during 1st week – Take pain medication as directed. May use heating pad to neck or ear.
D) Objectionable odor from mouth – brush teeth and use Cepacol mouthwash. Do not gargle.
4. Things to avoid:
A) Aspirin products (aspergum)
B) Citrus fruits and juices.
C) Salty, spicy, or highly seasoned foods.
D) Nuts, popcorn, corn chips and hard or rough foods.
E) Do not use straws
F) Coughing or clearing throat.
5. Diet 1st day: Popsicles, broth, jello, apple juice, flat 7-Up.
2nd day: Soft foods – ice cream, custard, mashed potatoes.
7th regular diet (no rough foods)
6. Notify your doctor of temperature 101 degrees or above, vomiting, continuing for 24 hours, or for bright red bleeding. Possible bleeding may occur between 7-10 days post-op.
7. May be dizzy or lightheaded on day of surgery. No strenuous exercise, no alcohol and no driving for 48 hours post-op. Do not make any legal decisions or sign any documents for 24 hours post-op.
8. Vomiting post-op mat occur. Avoid dehydration.
POSTOPERATIVE TELEPHONE CALL: A representative from the Surgery Center will be calling you by telephone after surgery. Do not be alarmed. This is a routine call to find out how you are progressing after your surgery.
If you find that you can not contact your physician, but you feel that your signs and symptoms warrant a physician’s attention, go to an Emergency Room which is closest to you.
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